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'PawPal’™All Natural Spray Shampoo and Paw Plunger Pot

'PawPal’™All Natural Spray Shampoo and Paw Plunger Pot

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Biteback Organics PawPal™ is a revolutionary paw washing system for dogs that love muddy walks. While it’s wonderful to see your dog enjoying nature, there's been a recent rise in the number of UK dogs contracting diseases such as Alabama Rot and bugs such as gastroenteritis, and it’s thought that these can be picked up on paws.

Current veterinary advice is to thoroughly cleanse muddy paws and legs straight after a walk – but this isn’t always easy! Biteback’s PawPal provides a neat, convenient solution to paw washing which can be completed in under two minutes.

* Shampoo/plunger set thoroughly cleanses and deodorises paws after exercise, removing the mud and washing away seeds, burrs and harmful germs

* Gentle (non-irritating) all-natural, COSMOS-approved ingredients means it’s safe to use on sensitive skins and puppies

* Highly concentrated: an estimated 450 paw washes in every bottle means it lasts for over a year

* No hassle application: dunk and shake each paw in the pot - no need to rinse

* Protects your carpets and upholstery from stains, smells and muddy paw prints

The PawPal pot comes in two different sizes - the larger size is suitable for Standard Poodle, Labradors, Dalmations, Shepherds, Border Collies etc. The smaller size will accommodate smaller paw sizes (e.g. cocker spaniels; miniature poodles) including toy breeds and puppies.

*Please note: colour of pot may vary from image*

See our blog here:  Alabama Rot blog

How to apply

* If indoors, stand dog on a towel.  

* Fill plunger with hand hot water and one squeeze of the shampoo.  

* Gently place paw in pot; with left hand hold paw firmly by the ‘wrist/ankle’ and with other hand hold pot firmly at the top with thumb over rim and move the pot vigorously up and down the paw so that the water jigs up and down. This agitation action of the water, together with the gentle massaging action of the spines inside the pot, removes the dirt.  

* Repeat for each paw, working for about 5-10 seconds on each.  

* No need to rinse, just dab off with a clean towel or cloth.  

What's in it?

The shampoo has an ultra-mild formula especially developed for animal skin, so it's pH balanced, lick-safe and doesn’t need to be washed off the paws.  Its moisturising formula helps calm itchy, irritated skin. It contains a natural deodorant and a mild anti-dandruff agent which conditions the skin and hair, and is naturally anti-fungal so will inhibit the growth of some disease organisms.  The ingredients are organic and completely biodegradable with no unnecessary additives (such as parabens and sulphates) so you can really trust this formula to look after your dog’s skin.

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