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'Sweet Relief' All-Natural Shampoo for Itchy, Sensitive Animal Skin

'Sweet Relief' All-Natural Shampoo for Itchy, Sensitive Animal Skin

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Product details

This premium shampoo is ideal for cleansing and conditioning itchy, sensitive animal skin.  It contains all-natural, very gentle ingredients.

* Leaves skin and coat perfectly prepped:  thoroughly removes scurf, pollen, dust and product build-up

* Safe to use on sensitive, itchy skins due to its all-natural, COSMOS and ECOCERT approved organic ingredients

* No need to rinse out completely:  gentle, moisturising formula has been carefully matched to the pH of animal skin and won’t irritate

* Helps maintain a healthy barrier function, and shield against skin stress triggers

* Eco-friendly: completely biodegradable with no unnecessary additives (such as parabens, alcohols, sulphates or silicones)

* Easy to apply: spray directly from the bottle, no need to dilute

* A little goes a very long way: the spray applicator delivers an estimated 25 full washes (horse) from every 500ml bottle, or alternatively 50 full coat shampoos for a large dog

* Smells completely delicious!

How to apply

Dampen hair/coat with water, then spray the shampoo directly onto it, avoiding contact with eyes.   Massage in to create a lather, then rinse and repeat if required.  Any excess shampoo left in the coat will not cause irritation.

Trigger spray advice:   Our trigger sprays arrive in the 'off' position.  To adjust the spray to a fine mist, twist the nozzle halfway to the right.  To produce a jet spray, twist yet further to the right. 

What's in it?

The all-natural ingredients include:

Undeoat - a gentle cleansing agent with antibacterial and antifungal properties, it very effectively removes scurf and product build-up. 

Vegequat – a plant-derived surfactant which has remarkable conditioning and anti-static functions. It also forms a barrier against environmental assault and hydrates the skin.

Deoplex – made from yeast, it contains enzymes that neutralise unpleasant odours.

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