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'Veto Mosquito'® Mosquito, Midge & Fly Repellent Spray

'Veto Mosquito'® Mosquito, Midge & Fly Repellent Spray

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Biteback's Veto Mosquito® (previously named Flies Undone) has been designed specially for people who love spending time outdoors. Whether you fish, hike, ride, camp, sail or spend time in the garden, this safe but effective repellent will keep you free of all nasty flying biters for 6 hours or more! It is also ideal for travel in both temperate and tropical climates, proven to repel the Culex mosquito for 12 hours, the Aedes (also known as Tiger) mosquito for 6+ hours and the Anopheles mosquito for 6+ hours and ticks for 10 hours.

This 250ml size is ideal for outdoor activities, and should last a family for a whole week on holiday.

* Prevents bites and bothering: effectively repels biting bugs such as mosquitoes, midges, horse-flies and ticks

* No need to keep re-applying:  lasts 7 - 8 hours, even after sweating

* Avoid sunburn risk:  non oily, non-greasy formula that's kind to skin

* Peace of mind: Icaridin is safe around people and pets.  No DEET, and no un-necessary fragrances or preservatives

* Planet friendly: 100% pesticide freewill not harm birds and bees

* Economical in use: due to its adjustable Canyon industrial trigger spray: 250ml spray should last 2/3 weeks applied daily in high summer

How to apply

* Use straight from bottle, no need to dilute or mix

* Always 24 hour patch test first, when using a new product

* Spray evenly on exposed areas once or twice a day depending on season and weather conditions

* For face, spray onto a soft cloth or hand before applying

What's in it?

Ingredients include:  Icaridin, Lavandin oil, Bog Myrtle (Myrica Gale) oil.

All of our products are plant-based, vegan, cruelty-free and environmentally kind.

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