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'Flick'n'Swish'™ Luxurious Detangler and Conditioning Spray

'Flick'n'Swish'™ Luxurious Detangler and Conditioning Spray

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Product details

Flick’n’Swish is Biteback's luxurious mane, tail and feather grooming spray.  It's 90% sourced from natural ingredients, including two organic ones.

But this isn’t a style over substance story – like every Biteback product, it has to work extremely hard to justify its place in our range.   And these are the things you can expect from this non-greasy, non-sticky spray:

* Quickly and easily detangles mane, tail and feather hair

* Repels dust, dirt and pollen

* Creates a shine

* Conditions and softens the hair

* Supports new hair growth

* Assists with scurf removal

* Has a cumulative effect – so that grooming becomes easier over time

* Perfect plaiting prep

* Smells amazing

* Can be safely used on sensitive skin

* Easy to apply with precise industrial Canyon trigger spray

Flick’n’Swish partners perfectly with our organic Sweet Relief shampoo, and is ideal for getting itchy, sensitive horses ready for that special occasion.

And it’s long-lasting – a 1 litre spray should last a good 6 weeks.

How to apply

Patch test first.

Then simply spray on and comb through.  No need to rinse out.

What's in it?

Vegequat - an organic plant-derived surfactant with remarkable conditioning and anti-static functions, forming a barrier against environmental assault while hydrating the skin.

Organic sweet orange oil – which has potent antioxidant power as well as smelling incredible (a bit like chocolate orange).

Also includes:  glycerin and liquid paraffin to nourish and soften the hair; silicone to gently separate individual hairs and leave them non-sticky and silky smooth; allantoin, a natural substance that encourages healthy hair growth; and benzyl alcohol - a gentle antiseptic and skin soother.

All of our products are plant-based, vegan, cruelty-free and environmentally kind. They are also FEI legal.  This product is for animal use.

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