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  • A pot of Biteback's Mudbar Plus cream, effective at treating mud fever, rain scald and other skin conditions.
  • Biteback's Mudbar Plus cream, used to treat mud fever in horses.
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Biteback 'Mudbar Plus'™ Support Cream For Wet & Muddy Skin

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Regular wetting of the horse's hair due to rain, mud, sweat and excess shampooing can leave the skin dried out and exposed.

Mudbar Plus™ is ideal for skin that’s already been exposed to the elements: it will disinfect the area and soften any hardened crusts.  It's a non-steroid (yet very effective) solution for this kind of skin.

Traditional, safe ingredients include: Silver ionsSublimed flowers of Sulphur, Benzyl benzoate, Allantoin.

  • Supports the skin’s natural waterproof function
  • Forms an antiseptic barrier, blocking the entry of microbes and other environmental irritants
  • Protects skin from dehydration due to its intensely moisturising, mild formula
  • Soothes and calms
  • Supports hair and skin renewal
  • A significant improvement in appearance should be seen within 7 days of use, and often sooner

Directions for use:

Always patch test first, on an inconspicuous area such as the armpit.

Before first use on the target area, remove as much mud as possible by very gently brushing.  If necessary, wash the area with warm salty water or Biteback's Sweatbuster.  Thoroughly dry, ideally finishing with a drying powder such as Biteback's Flowers and Zinc before applying the cream.  Avoid frequent wetting after this first application.

Continue to apply the cream twice a day to target areas.

A clear difference should be seen within a week.

Once any hard crusts have fallen off, the Quick-Silver Spray can be used to maintain healthy skin.

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