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'SuperFly'™ Ultimate Strength Insect Repellent Spray

'SuperFly'™ Ultimate Strength Insect Repellent Spray

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Product details

As featured in Horse & Hound, May and June 2022.

Both Superfly™and SuperFly Sensitive represent a new generation of repellents - not only do they create a protective shield from biting bugs, but they also care for the skin.  Successfully trialled by our customer panel on a range of insects including New Forest crab flies (legendary for their ability to land, crawl and avoid extermination), these are the most sophisticated repellents we’ve ever made. 

* Maximum resistance and staying power:  the Icaridin alone offers 8+ hours protection from midges, 12+ hours from mosquitoes, 9+ hours from black flies, and a minimum of 5 hours from stable flies and horse flies

* Triple line of defence: deters insects from landing – prevents skin-crawling – stops bites

* Effective crab fly repellent: 82% of testers reported high repellency against this species, minimising their ability to land and congregate

* Peace of mind: no toxic chemicals, only safe ingredients that are unlikely to cause a reaction or irritates

* Cares for the skin: calms, soothes and smooths skin that’s already been bitten

* Planet friendly: will not harm ecosystems, unlike many insecticides

* Pleasant smell: use liberally without fear of a mouthful of toxic chemicals or a headache

* Suitable and safe for human application

This spray version of SuperFly is ideal for quick and efficient application to the body.

"Verdict: A high quality, affordable fly spray which is an ideal product if you are looking for a natural solution without harsh chemicals." Horse & Hound magazine

How to apply

* 24 hour patch test before use, ideally on an inconspicuous area such as the armpit.

* Spray evenly onto exposed areas, morning and evening (or as required) in the peak insect season. 

* During customer trials, the spray and gel were particularly effective at repelling crab flies when used together.

Our trigger sprays arrive in the 'off' position.  To adjust the spray, twist the nozzle at the and to the right [see the video].   It will produce both a fine mist and a jet.

What's in it?

It includes the following ingredients:

Icaridin - a proven powerful broad-spectrum human-grade repellent that will repel midges, mosquitoes, flies including horse flies; mites and ticks for 7+ hours at this concentration (20%)

Lavandin - an essential oil that itself has impressive repellent properties but is also known for its ability to calm the skin.  Naturally antiseptic, it's thought to support the skin's healing process and reduce the appearance of marks and scars.  Often used to relieve cramps, stiffness and pain in muscles, as well as assist with respiratory and circulation issues.

More sensitive skins may be better suited to SuperFly Sensitive.

All of Biteback's products are planet-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free.

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