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  • Biteback Dog Sweet Relief Lotion is ideal for dogs that itch and scratch until their skin is sore.
  • Biteback Dog Sweet Relief Lotion is ideal for dogs that itch and scratch until their skin is sore.
  • Biteback offer simple solutions for healthy dog skin.
  • Biteback offer a range of products for itchy dog skin, including a soothing cream and lotion.
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Biteback 'Sweet Relief'™ Lotion for Itchy Dogs

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Biteback Sweet Relief™ Dog is a range of highly effective topical products for itchy dogs.  The products are formulated from gentle, traditional ingredients that calm and soothe the skin, and help promote hair growth.  They also form a barrier to bites from mites (a major cause of itching), lice, fleas and ticks.  This spray lotion version can be quickly and easily applied to the coat.

Ingredients include: benzyl benzoate to soothe and moisten; glycerine to soften hard skin; liquid paraffin to moisten and bog myrtle (myrica gale) oil. In our experience, only applications containing benzyl benzoate will work to keep the skin's natural barrier intact —natural oils alone are insufficient

  • Stops dogs itching fast – whether it’s caused by mites, fleas, dermatitis, eczema or moulting
  • See a clear difference within a week - gentle, traditional ingredients calm and soothe the skin, and support hair regrowth
  • Ideal for sensitive skin – no perfumes, parabens, silicones and leaves the skin’s natural barrier intact. Smells natural, not artificial
  • Non-toxic and non-tasty……dogs don’t seem to want to lick it off!
  • Used by dog owners for over 9 years with highly successful outcomes

The 500ml size comes with a fine Canyon industrial trigger spray, allowing economical use.  

All of Biteback's products are cruelty free, plant-based, vegan and environmentally kind.

Directions for use:  Sweet Relief should ideally be applied twice a day, by spraying the target areas then combing through the coat with fingers or a soft brush. Avoid the eyes as this may cause stinging.  There should be a noticeable difference within a week

"Wow! instant results.  Having tried everything  -  this is a revelation, thank you, 5 stars" (K., Yorks.)

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