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'Sweet Relief'® Midge Barrier & Skin Support Lotion for Horses

'Sweet Relief'® Midge Barrier & Skin Support Lotion for Horses

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Product details

Biteback Sweet Relief® Lotion is a plant-based lotion that forms a defence against midge bites, soothes itchiness and helps to maintain calm skin.

It’s ideal for horses that are bothered by flies and midges and tend to rub themselves after being bitten. 

* Forms a physical barrier on the skin, preventing midge bites

* Itching will be soothed

* If usage starts early (while the skin is still intact), bites and rubbing can be avoided

* Skin should start to look revitalised after a week of use

* This lotion spray version of Sweet Relief allows quick and easy application to a large surface area

* It’s been used by itchy horse owners for 13 years with consistently excellent feedback

* Also useful for defending against feather mites due to its slippery finish

How to apply

* Always patch test before using extensively

* Ideally start usage in very early Spring and carry on through to Autumn, applying each day to mane, tail, and other areas targeted by midges

* A 500ml bottle should last an average of 2 weeks in high season, depending on the size of the area being sprayed.  If just mane and tail then it will last much longer

* Simply spray on, then rub/brush into target areas once a day

* The spray bottles come with a Canyon fine trigger spray to allow easy application and economical use.  Use the spray nozzle to get right into the roots of the mane.

Our trigger sprays arrive in the 'off' position.  To adjust the spray, twist the nozzle at the and to the right [see the video].   It will produce both a fine mist and a jet.

What's in it?

Its traditional, safe ingredients include: benzyl benzoate to moisturise and help form a protective barrier; benzyl alcohol to soothe; allantoin, which assists cell regeneration and bog myrtle (myrica gale) oil, an aromatic fragrance which has historically been associated with guarding against midges.  It DOES NOT contain any Neem.                       

All of our products are plant-based, vegan, cruelty-free and environmentally kind. They are also FEI legal.

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