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'Flowers and Zinc'™ Antiseptic Drying Powder

'Flowers and Zinc'™ Antiseptic Drying Powder

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Microbes can thrive in a moist, warm environment, creating the ideal conditions for infection.

Biteback Flowers and Zinc™ antiseptic powder is ideal for cleaning and drying out the skin or hoof, so moisture is not trapped inside.  It perfectly prepares the skin for a cream or lotion to be applied – they will adhere better and last longer.

* Supports the skin's natural healing process by intercepting bacterial growth

* Cleans and quickly dries the area, enabling creams and lotions to be effectively applied

* Helps prevent mud and dust from sticking to the skin’s surface

* Powder dispenser enables accurate application to a small area

* Ideal for use alongside Biteback Mudbar PlusSweet Relief Silver and Biteback Dog Sweet Relief creams

* Gentle, non-irritating formula

* For animal use

How to apply

* Always patch test first.

* Remove excess wetness with a clean towel or wad of cotton wool, by dabbing gently; shake Flowers and Zinc onto the target area and gently massage in with fingers.

* Follow with a suitable cream or lotion.

* As a preventative: apply every few days to the target area, working into any sweaty/ damp areas (e.g. under mane) with your fingers.

What's in it?

Traditional, safe ingredients include: 

Zinc oxide: known for its ability to intercept bacterial growth on the skin, and to soothe. 

Sublimed flowers of sulphur: an old-fashioned antiseptic, used for hundreds of years.

Talc: to thoroughly absorb moisture.

Allantoin:  exfoliates and soothes, supports cell regeneration.

All of our products are plant-based, vegan, cruelty-free and environmentally kind. They are also FEI legal.

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