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'Sweet Relief Quick-Silver'™ Skin Protection Spray

'Sweet Relief Quick-Silver'™ Skin Protection Spray

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Product details

Biteback's Sweet Relief Quick-Silver Spray is the ultimate in skin care defence.  It contains the same concentration of Silver ions as our Silver cream, and the same amount of benzyl benzoate and benzyl alcohol as our Sweet Relief Lotion, providing it with the multiple benefits of both products. 

It's an incredibly versatile product that's useful all year round.  It can be used: -

* as a midge barrier lotion for skin that’s already been rubbed. Silver ions are in themselves naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal. Benzyl benzoate and vegetable waxes combine to form a barrier against bites, while benzyl alcohol is known for its ability to soothe an itch

* as a gentle non-irritating cleanser for sensitive skin, helping preserve the skin's natural acid mantle.Ionic Silver is antiseptic so sterilises the area, sweeping away any microbes. The lotion also leaves a protective layer on the skin after use, fortifying the natural barrier function. A superior alternative to Purple Spray.

* to effortlessly disinfect the frog during wet and muddy months, guarding against bacteria and fungus

Skin will look calmer and soothed within a few days of beginning daily use.

How to apply

Patch test before using extensively.  Spray over the target area and massage in with fingers. The spray nozzle allows quick and effective coverage, as well as deep penetration into the coat/hair.  The lotion’s silky consistency helps to loosen and remove any crusts, without the need to pick them off.

Follow up with a thin layer of Sweet Relief Silveror Mudbar Plus cream when necessary.  A significant, positive improvement should be seen within two weeks.

Our trigger sprays arrive in the 'off' position.  To adjust the spray, twist the nozzle at the and to the right [see the video].   It will produce both a fine mist and a jet.

What's in it?

The active ingredients are silver ions, benzyl benzoate and benzyl alcohol, as well as skin softeners. 

All of our products are plant-based, vegan, cruelty-free and environmentally kind. They are also FEI legal.

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